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[Five Years Gone] A Multifandom RP

New York: Post-Explosion: 2011

[Five Years Later] A Multifandom RP
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The Game
A MultiFandom RP, set in the 'Five Years Gone' 'verse of Heroes.

On November 8th, 2006, a man exploded in the middle of New York. He killed millions of people, and New York is still recovering. The world knows the exploding man as Sylar, who disappeared after the explosion.

But that's not quite the real story.

Billions of dollars have gone into government research to 'cure' evolved humans by order of President Petrelli; but their numbers are increasing every day. Ever since the explosion, they have been seen as too dangerous to run free, even those with harmless powers. But evolution is a difficult thing to cure. The more violent evolved humans become known as terrorists; prime targets for the Homeland Security.

The Linderman Act has been holding strong since 2007. Put in place to limit the threat posed by evolved humans, they are subject to random blood tests, curfews, rules that normal humans don't have to follow. But that's only for those unlucky enough to get caught.

Ever since President Petrelli was seen flying from the Explosion Memorial, the media has been in a frenzy. The official story is, a few days earlier, the President was killed and that it had something to do with evolved terrorists - he was mimicked, and the flying was a trick by an impostor.

That's not quite the real story, either.

These days, evolved humans have to be smart and hide their powers well. Hidden from the eye of the Homeland Securities are evolved-friendly communities; bars, shops, cafes. Run by the evolved, for the evolved. Hidden underground or in the shadowed back corners of alleyways, where everyone treats everybody else with a mixture of solidarity and suspicion. But the open street is still any man's land.
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